The black diamond, as it has been defined from the ancient Greeks. An extraordinary description of it has been given from Carlo Cracco: " you know it but you can't define it, you feel it but you can't taste it, you can aproach it but you can't take his soul. The most luxurious and unique product of the international gastronomy, utopia of the senses, the White truffle isessentially scent, and only after also taste".

Fresh Alba white truffle 30-40 g, 40-60 g, 60-80 g, ver 80 g
Indicative price on request. The final price will be settled at the time of the order. Delivery will be effected within 7 days from the date of the order. During Christmas time, the product will be delivered from the 1st December and not later than the 15th December (advance delivery to be agreed). The product will be delivered directly to the recipient in a special gift pack with a cold accumulator. Transport cost to be agreed as indicated in the conditions of sale.

After several years of research, Tartuflanghe has finally found the way to obtain the dehydrated truffle. Thanks to an innovative technique, the truffle can be preserved for months at room temperature and its taste can be kept unchanged, with a surprising long lasting flavour. This technique is not based on chemical manipulation, but on physical process: all the moisture has been taken out from the truffle, being the water the main responsible of its fast deterioration. The outstanding smell and the taste of the truffle noH2O, both Alba White truffle (tuber Magnatum pico) and Black Winter truffle (tuber Melanosporum), are released when the product is served on warm dishes, giving off those characteristic flavours which makes the truffle so unique. This product does not contain preservatives or flavourings: it is 100% dehydrated truffle. To be served at the end of the preparation as it is done with fresh truffle, in order to taste it at its best, crumble it on warm dishes and wait 2-3 minutes, so that the heat hydrates the truffle and its unique flavour can be better released.
Alba white truffle noH2O (obtained from 12,5 g of fresh truffle) 2,5 g
Rare black truffle noH2O (obtained from 12,5 g of fresh truffle) 2,5 g