Pasta and rice

"The only simple thing that I can eat, every day, not only without boredom but with the greed of an appetite unaffected by excess, is pasta" William Somerset Maugham

The special Grania Pasta is prepared using durum wheat semolina of the best quality, blended with pure water. With the crushing the dough becomes omogeneous and elastic, while with the drawing, exclusively done in bronze or teflon moulds, the dough takes on the shapes which are typical of the regional and national tradition. The following stabilization and slow essication contribute to make this product unique and recognizable, thanks to the characteristic colour and roughness.

Gift basket “Le Gemme del Vesuvio”
1) 4 kg Special Grania Pasta 1 kg Cherry tomatoes from Vesuvio
2) 4 kg Special Grania Pasta 1 kg Tomatoes fillets
3) 5 kg Special Grania pasta mix “Le Gemme”
It is possible to prepare custom made packages.

Acquerello is the rice grown, aged, whitened and packed in Italy on the Colombara farm by the Rondolino family. It is the ultimate rice because firstly the unhusked rough rice is aged to perfection for at least one year, then is whitened slowly using an exclusive method, and finally restored with its most precious element the embryo or germ. Acquerello rice belongs to the Carnaroli variety and it is classified as “Extra rice” for its quality. In order to preserve its characteristics perfectly, Acquerello rice is vacuum sealed in packs or unique enameled tins. Acquerello is the ingredient par excellence in every recipe wherever rice is involved. Its grains stay perfectly intact, fully consistent, tastier and not sticky; they absorb flavours exceptionally well, do not bind together and do not lose starch, proteins and vitamins. Simply by using Acquerello your risotto will always be outstanding.