Alcohols & liquors


Known since the beginning of the XIX century as one of the best domains, in the last two centuries has produced many of the best Porto.
Vintages Magnum
Produced only in the best years, these wines are destined to a very long ageing, during which the characteristic deposit forms. House Graham is universally recognized as the uncontested leader for these rare and precious Porto wines.


Cognac Delamain Pale & Dry
From the most noble Charente region, this Cognac has a medium ageing of over 20 years. Elegant and sophisticated, this Cognac has exceptional delicateness and balance.
Bas Armagnac Millesimato
Distilled with the traditional method, with an ageing in wood of around 8 years, so much higher than the standard V.S.O.P., being distilled partially with the “in continuous” method and partially with the “Charentais” method, the characteristic bouquet of the best Bas Armagnacs is blended with a great elegance and delicateness.
Calvados Pays d’Auge Lecompte 12 ans
12 years in barrel have refined this distillate at a high level and have given it an amber colour. In this brandy you can find a strong presence of apple bouquet, rounded and blunt by spicy hints. Delicate and gentle tannins. You begin to taste the flavour of vanilla.
Rhum Agricole de La Martinique J.M. Hors D’age
Matured in wood for a minimum of 15 years, the Hors d'Age has a natural alcohol degree equal to 50% of volume. It is considered as one of the best Rum Agricole from Martinica.